The Solution

Northern Village undertook a thorough review of the existing management system for the Access to ID program. This started with a review the current ID Software Applications in detail, analysing the data structures to ensure all the information will be captured in the new application.

The new system was developed, with the goal of being easy to use through a web browser making sure that all existing functions were in the system , ensuring that it works on all screens and accessiblity devices.. Northern Village worked closely with staff to review the application as it was being built, and adding functionality that would make the process smoother and more effective. Testing by staff was done after each component was complete.

Once the software was completed and tested, the current MS Access database was converted to the new system, and the two systems were run in parallel to make sure that all aspects of the old system were covered in the new. Once that was confirmed the old system was retired.

This system forms the basis of Access2ID.





Filling in application form

Photo courtesy Street Health