Our Inspiration

Street Health is one of Canada's largest providers of ID services, processing hundreds of applications each month. The demand they meet is so great, it had outgrown the capacity of their MS Access system when they came to Northern Village for an upgrade.

We carefully studied their existing data management system and ID services. Then we built them a platform that was easy to use on any screen or accessibility device. We worked closely with Street Health staff to test the application as it was being built, and to ensure continuinty after transfering data from the old system.

Awhile later we started hearing from a range of other community organizations across Canada that needed a similar system. Many of them had been relying on paper-based records, outdated software, or software designed for other purposes. Often their systems weren't web-enabled so the data was difficult to back-up and impossible to access out of the office. Many were unable to offer ID services online for this reason when in lockdown.

With support from the Community Foundations of Canada Investment Readiness Program, we've redeveloped Access2ID to meet the needs of these valuable ID service providers, becoming the first adaptable, purpose built product on the market.