Helping agencies help people recover ID

A lack of personal identification is a major challenge for a wide range of people, such as those who are homeless or precariously housed, people with limited mobility, folks undergoing gender transition, and those leaving custody.

Official identification (such as a birth certificate or health card) is necessary to secure employment, housing, health care and other essential services. 

Access2ID is a web-based software application that makes it easier for social service organizations to help people recover and securely store their ID. It's a user-friendly database that lets you safely and easily keep track of critical records for your clients. This allows you to focus on the advocacy work you're doing instead of the documentation.

ID Exchange

Better workflow so you can focus on helping people

Easily manage client data, documents and notes, track applications, and generate reports. Access your records anytime, from anywhere. 

Privacy and security for your clients

Protect client privacy and confidentiality using secure Canadian servers to store data, and user-specific controls to safely determine access from any location.

Reliable onboarding and tech support

Quickly transfer records to our intuitive and user-friendly interface. Forget about tech maintenance. It’s in our hands. 


Access2ID is the only software developed specifically for ID application management. All connections are encrypted and the data is stored on maximum security servers that adhere to Canadian privacy laws. Your data is always safe and retrievable through a web browser. An intuitive, user-friendly dashboard and tools enable users to quickly organize their records and avoid losing critical information. Dedicated, responsive customer service ensures reliable operation. Customized programming and support services are also available.

Easy. Secure. Reliable.

The easy, secure, reliable way to help agencies help people recover, store and access their ID.

Access2ID began as a project for Street Health, a non-profit, community-based agency improving the health of homeless and under-housed people in Toronto.


"This has significantly reduced the time we spend administering our ID program."

-- Kapri Rabin, Executive Director of Street Health